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Robert's Senior Session

You want to know something cool? I've known Robert's mother for 20+ years. She is the sister of my best friend from High School. I've ridden on their dad's motorcycle, gone on vacation with them, and spent countless hours with their family. Robert's grandfather taught me how to change a tire (by calling AAA, duh!) and my best friend was the one in the car with me when I got in my first ever car accident (jamming out to some Will Smith, man this is a story for a whole other day, haha!).

Alright, enough walking down memory lane. Let's get back to Robert. He is so dedicated to his family and is just the sweetest young man. We chatted it up the whole time and never ran out of things to talk about. My favorites are when he was laughing at me and I snapped a genuine smile...his eyes absolutely light up! This was truly a perfect day, except for the wind that gave him some pretty amazing hairstyles!

I'm so grateful I got this opportunity and that I got to reconnect with some very special people in my past. Please enjoy these photos and join me in congratulating Robert on his graduation!

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