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How to Book With Melanie K Photography, LLC

I wanted to clear up the booking process with me in hopes of making things a little easier for you! It is a multistep process and I don't want anyone to miss out on a session because it wasn't booked properly.

Before I get into the booking process, I want to refresh your memory on some of my policies. As you all know, I work full time job in addition to photography, have 2 very active boys, and am just busy. I'm also a human being, and my time is just as valuable as yours. Most importantly, check your spam! Chances are, you did receive an email from me, but it could have ended up in your spam folder. So before you start to panic because you didn't receive important information, check your spam. As a side note, I get copied on every single communication that goes out to you, so I know when they are sent!

Late Policy: If the client is more than 15 minutes late for their session, the photographer has the right to cancel the session. Any amount paid will be forfeited and the client must request a new booking at the photographer's current rate.

Cancellation: If the client requests to reschedule or cancel this agreement 8 or more calendar days before the session date, any amount paid shall be applied to a mutually agreed upon rescheduled date. Cancellation within 7 days or less of the scheduled session or failure to show-up at a scheduled session will result in any amount paid being forfeited. If the invoice has not been paid by the session date, client is still responsible for payment of the invoice.

Weather Policy: In the event of bad weather conditions, it will be at the photographer's discretion to cancel the scheduled photography session. The photographer will contact the client if necessary and the session will be rescheduled for another date. If a client selects to proceed with the scheduled session and rain, heavy snow, etc. limits the time and/or images that were able to be captured, the client will be charged for an additional session at the photographer’s standard session rate to reschedule or shoot additional photos.

Session Inquiries, Bookings, and Payments: An inquiry "pencils in" the client's desired date, it does not guarantee that that date will be reserved. Once the inquiry has been confirmed, the client will have 72 hours to book the session and pay the deposit to reserve the date. The remaining balance of the session must be paid 3 days prior to the session. If a deposit is not received within 72 hours, the session date will be released and the client must request a new booking.

So, without further adieu, follow along as I show you how to book your next session!

Step 1: The Booking Link

Go to this link and choose the session type you'd like to book.

Step 2: The Inquiry

Once you've clicked on the purple button that says "choose session" under the type you want, you'll see this screen. This shows you the packages that are available for that session type, plus my availability calendar. The shaded dates are unavailable and the dark dates are available. Select one of the dark dates. The purple button below the calendar will then read "Choose ::date::"

Once you click that purple button, a new screen will pop up where you will enter your contact information and answer the questionnaire that matches the session you choose. Please fill these out completely. The more information you provide, the more I'll be able to specifically tailor your session to your needs. Please also read and accept the terms of the session before proceeding. Then click "Submit Inquiry"

When your inquiry has been submitted, you will receive this message and an email that your inquiry has been received by me. The email is sent immediately, so if you do not get it, check your spam!

Step 3: Booking Confirmation and Deposit

Within 24-48 hours, I will review your inquiry and confirm your session booking. This "pencils in" your spot on my calendar. You will receive an email that looks like the below. Again, if you do not receive this email in 24-48 hours, please check your spam!

IMPORTANT: This only holds your session date. The booking isn't officially reserved until a deposit is made. If a deposit is not made within 72 hours, your session date will be released and you will need to go through the process again.

Once you click "Book Session," this screen will show up. Again, click "Book Session."

You will need to re-enter your information (this is to confirm that the right person is scheduling the correct session).

Click "Next: Select Package." If there are multiple packages available for your session type, they will appear on the next screen. Select the one you wish to purchase.

The next screen will be the deposit payment screen. If you wish to include a tip for the session, it must be selected here. You do not have to pay the tip until you make your final payment. If you have a coupon code or a gift card, those can be entered here as well.

Select your method of payment and proceed with that option. If you do not have PayPal or Venmo, you would select PayPal and follow the prompts for entering your credit card information. Once your payment has been processed, you will get this screen and an email that has confirmed your booking. I highly recommend adding your session date to your personal calendar at this step!

Note: As you can see, you have the option to pay your full session fee immediately after the deposit has been paid. This is not mandatory. What is mandatory is that your session is paid in full 3 days before the session date. You will receive an email reminder if you have a balance due. You can pay the remaining session fee any time prior to your session.

Step 4: Final Payment

As mentioned above, 3 days before your session you will receive an email like the one below. To make your final payment, simply click "Make Payment" and you will go through the same process as you did when you made the deposit.

Step 5: Bring Your Best Smiles!

After your final payment has been made, you'll get another email reminder about your upcoming session the day prior.

If you have any questions at all, I am available via phone, text, or email! Do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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