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Harvie's First Down

Cake smash sessions are some of my favorites to do. I love watching babies curiously inspect the cake, unsure if they're allowed to dive in, or even if they want to. A lot of babies are very cautious, and only scrape the top. And then there's Harvie. This child went FACE FIRST into his cake without looking back.

As with all cake smash sessions, I start off taking a few photos with just the theme props and the baby. I want to make sure I grasp their little personalities without the distraction of CAKE! Harvie was a little timid, until Grandma, mom, and his sisters started singing "The Wheels on the Bus" to him. Boy, did Harvie LOVE to dance!

When it was time for the cake, I barely got any pre-smash shots in before he literally dove face first into his cake. He never bothered to use his hands. Why add that extra step when you can just take a huge bite right off the top? Eventually, he got tired of sitting there with it and picked that cake right up and walked around with it, taking little nibbles every couple of steps.

I hope these photos bring you as much joy as they brought me. And I hope some of the invoke a little laughter as well!

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